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Your New Year's Resolution is to Declutter Your Home. Now What?


Whew! The holiday rush is over and you’re ready for a reset. January is here and you’ve made a New Year’s resolution with the goal to declutter your home - so, what’s next? Because dreaming it is much easier than doing it, CitiWide Self Storage is here to lend a helping hand with tips, tricks, and ideas to get you started and keep you going.

Visualize it

We know all too well when our household items start to feel like messy clutter. Maybe it’s that awesome book collection overflowing beyond the bookcase or the linen closet that houses old keepsakes and papers instead of actual linens. January is the perfect time for a fresh start in your home with a clutter free space.

Organizing experts note that an important element in the decluttering process is to imagine what your home will feel like once organized and clean. Envision what each room will look like when it is organized and tidy. This visualization serves as a motivator to help you get to it!

Plan It

Whether it be the garage packed full of your great aunt’s dusty furniture or just a few too many odds and ends in the living room, you need a game plan! Pick a method to use and stick with it throughout the project. Check out this popular technique, the KonMari Method, where you declutter by category. Or, try another route for tidying by completing one room at a time. Persuade your friends or family with pizza for extra helping hands and good company while you declutter.

Pack It

Keep. Sell. Donate. Toss. Try this mantra to pair with your tidying up method. As you’re going through old socks, mail from 1990, and grandma’s jewelry it’s important to be mindful of what truly needs to be kept and what should probably go. Just make sure that the items you’re donating, selling, or tossing are quick to go and that they don’t linger in your freshly decluttered home.

Once you have everything sorted, it’s time to pack up the keep pile. Pick up supplies from CitiWide Self Storage. Our friendly storage experts are here to help! We are available to give recommendations on how to properly pack and store your keepsakes. Remember, clear bins and labeled storage boxes are always the way to go!

Store It

Family keepsakes, valuables, extra furniture, and seasonal decor are easy to store away at CitiWide Self Storage. We recommend placing less-used items in the back of your storage unit with the more frequently used items up front for quick accessibility. Make sure to keep an aisle for a walkway in your storage unit for an easier time getting in and out. You did it! Now with your extra items put away, enjoy your clutter free and comfortable home leading into the New Year and new decade.

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