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You Just Stored Your Bike. Now What?


So the cooler and wetter weather arrived, and when you realized that you won’t be riding your bike until spring, you took it to your storage unit for a few months. But now what do you do for exercise? It’s much easier to motivate to get outside when the weather is nice, but when it’s cold and raining–or even snowing–for many people, the motivation evaporates. But don’t despair. The good news is that because you stored your bike (or other warm weather sports gear), you now have a little extra room in your apartment, and it might even be enough for you to squeeze in a workout. Here are some ideas:

  • New York Times Seven Minute Workout. Based on evidence that a well-planned high-intensity interval workout can provide many of the same benefits as endurance training, scientists have developed a seven-minute workout. And it you don’t have seven minutes to do something good for your body, you’re way too busy. Better yet, the folks at the New York Times’ Well Blog have made it easy to do–just check out the link above and you’ll find a description of the workout and even boasts a timer and prompts. All you need to do the workout is a space large enough to do a push-up, a chair, and a wall–something available in most NYC apartments.
  • Online Exercise Videos. Thanks to the Internet, exercise got easier–at least in theory. There are loads of online exercise videos, so if you don’t want to pay for the gym, or you don’t have easy access to an exercise facility, all you really need is a computer and a bit of space. Check out this list of the 50 Best Free Workout Resources put together by the folks at Huffpost.
  • And if You’re Willing to Leave Your Apartment… Take advantage of winter to try to a new indoor sport. There are loads of opportunities in NYC to try all sorts of new and interesting activities. Think about: kickboxing, swimming, climbing gym, boxing, pilates, trampolining, trapeze class, aerial silks, kickboxing, barre class, ice-skating, boot camp, yoga, tai chi, judo, karate, jiu jitsu, tumbling, spin class, and more.

What do you do for winter exercise?

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