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Why You Should Rent the CitiWide Roof for Your Video Shoot


In movies, as in real estate, location is everything. That’s why CitiWide Self Storage's rooftop is the perfect location for your next video shoot. Centrally located in Long Island City, NY, our rooftop provides 360 degree views of New York City, including the Manhattan skyline. If you’re looking for America’s city to be the backdrop of your next project, look no further than CitiWide Self Storage's rooftop.

Unsurpassed Views Highlight Excellent Videos

Types of Videos

The CitiWide Self Storage roof adds much needed flavor to any professionally produced video. Bands and solo artists looking to show a connection to the Big Apple will enjoy being ensconced in the New York City surroundings. Companies looking to advertise their products can pair them with an iconic landmark in the city. Businesses and individuals looking to crowdfund through websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe will appreciate the added bonus of making their video more memorable.

Iconic Architecture

You don’t need to live in New York City to know the names of some of the most recognizable building in the United States. These stunning architecture achievements create lasting impressions on everyone who sees them.

  • One World Trade Center
  • Time Warner Building
  • Empire State Building
  • Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

Movies Scenes

Stunning visuals help to craft a story, whether it be a full-length feature movie or a 30-second commercial. The full 360 degree views of New York City, and especially the Manhattan skyline, will help accomplish that goal. Those images then help to create a bond with the viewer. Who can forget the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge from Woody Allen's masterpiece, Manhattan, or the Empire State Building’s role in Sleepless in Seattle? These are the views that make your audience truly feel something. And, at CitiWide Self Storage, we have them.

Full Service Accommodations

The CitiWide Self Storage rooftop can accommodate a wide range of uses by production companies. We have had professional photo and video shoots, as well as both television and movie filming all enjoy our services. Even large production crews will find plenty of space to complete their projects.

The rooftop rents on an hourly or daily basis. For more information, or to rent the rooftop, please give us a call (917-720-4853).

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