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A man on a mountain bike in the middle of a forest.

Trade Out Your Winter Skis In Your Storage Unit For Your Mountain Bike And Weekend Hike Gear


When the weather turns warm, it’s time to commune with Mother Nature via New York’s majestic mountain bike trails. No need to head upstate, either. New York City has more than a few hidden gems close at hand. So head over to your storage unit, grab your bike and gear, and hit these three can’t-miss trails.

Cunningham Park Mountain Biking Trails

Located in Bellerose Terrace on the east side of Long Island, about 11 miles from Long Island City, Cunningham Park’s trail is short, well maintained, and makes for a fun ride. More experienced mountain bikers might consider it a little easy, but there are a few expert trails that present a bit of a challenge for the experts. The park trail is 6.5 miles long and features a beginner and intermediate dirt jump park for your inner daredevil.

Stillwell Woods Park

For the more experienced MTB rider, we have Stillwell Woods Park. This gem of a trail is nestled in Woodbury, about 30 miles from Long Island City, and features plenty of signage so you can focus on your path while flying down the trail. While you won’t experience any huge drops, there’s a roller coaster’s worth of uphills and downhills. The biggest attraction is a downhill descent over a long row of timbers that almost act as stairs. The obstacle was installed by C.L.I.M.B. (Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists) is a fun challenge for mountain bike enthusiasts.

Meadowlark Park

This final entry is for the experts. Situated about 50 miles away from Long Island City, in Fort Salonga, Meadowlark Park offers 3.6 miles of tough trail with plenty of tight, uneven terrain. The elevation gain is average and packed primarily into two or three healthy inclines. Another C.L.I.M.B. creation, this park boasts plenty of artificial extras, including big logs to ride over and across.

Seasonal Gear Storage

When you’re done seeking non-motorized adventure, remember to check your gear before taking it back to your storage unit. A personal self storage unit at CitiWide Self Storage makes the perfect home away from home for your mountain bike gear between adventures. A self storage unit keeps your extra belongings secure and easy to retrieve, keeping your home clutter-free and feeling more like home and less like a cramped closet.

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