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Tips for Winterizing Your NY Apartment


Old man winter is right around the corner. If you’re a New York native, you know just how brutal our winters can be. Living in an apartment rental can present a few limitations when it comes to upgrading or making changes to your humble abode, but don’t let that stop you from keeping comfortable. Keep yourself warm this season by winterizing your apartment with these easy and affordable tips.

Locate Drafts, Find a Solution

Drafts are often the main source of any air coming into your home. Check all windows and doors. Make sure windows shut tight, and seals are intact. If you come across any exposed holes or cracks, contact your maintenance crew to seal them. Feel a breeze coming through underneath your door? Invest in a door draft guard to keep the cold out.

Ramp up Your Decor, and Keep Warm

If you do not currently have rugs or curtains in your apartment, now is the time to hunt for some. Not only do they add character to your home, they will help insulate and keep your living space at a comfortable temperature. A lot of heat can be lost through floors, so keep them covered! And for window coverings, keep the cold out at night by keeping them shut.

Run Ceiling Fan in Reverse

If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan in your home, this tip is for you. Depending on your fan, there may be a switch for you to reverse the direction clockwise. Otherwise, contact your maintenance crew and they can possibly help you. Doing so will push warm air down, thus cutting down on heating bills.

Insulate Outlets

Sometimes outlets can be a main source of unnecessary cold air during the winter. Install gaskets behind outlets and switches to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

Add a Space Heater to the Mix

Have you fully inspected your home and attempted each of these winterizing tips, and still feel a bit chilly? Purchase a space heater and place it in a room you are in often that needs warmth. You can forgo your main heat source and just use this if you only utilize certain parts of your home, saving on heating costs.

Take Action This Winter

Just because you’re living the apartment life, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a less energy-efficient home, or for that matter, suffer in the cold! Do your part in winterizing your apartment with these easy tips and before you know it you will be living in comfort this winter. For all of your summer gear storage needs, contact CitiWide Self Storage to discuss unit sizes and prices.

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