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Tips for Packing for a Summer Road Trip


As the weather warms and the last school bell rings, families know it’s time to grab the gear and head out on the open road. Whether you and the kids are taking off for a weekend camping trip or a month-long adventure, America awaits. Try these tips for a successful summertime experience.

Summer is the Time to Hit the Road

Your Stored Large Items

Remember last fall when you knew it would be six months before your RV, boat, or convertible got any use? Well, now that the weather is heating up, it’s time to head down to CitiWide Self Storages vehicle storage and start prepping your ride for an adventure.

You took the time to carefully store your summer items and sporting equipment, so don’t forget to pick up your stand up paddle boards, mountain bikes, camping items, and coolers before you hit the road. You bought your gear so you wouldn’t have to rent. Don’t make the rookie mistake of leaving it all behind.

Road Trip Necessities

Want to ensure a smooth ride for your road trip? Don’t forget these essentials:

  • Moist Towelettes – Spills, messy faces, and sticky hands happen
  • Plastic Bags – If you collect plastic bags from the grocery store, now is the time to reuse them for packing lunches and holding beach towels
  • Small Sewing Kit – Because kids – and adults – are prone to rips and tears
  • First Aid Kit – Don’t forget the sunscreen and Band aids!
  • Pillows – Your passengers will rest easy with the comfort of their own personal pillow

Items to Keep the Kids Entertained

We all know fun is right around the corner, but sometimes the drive takes a little while. Don’t let the kids bring down the car ride by repeating the classic question, “Are we there yet?” Try these things to keep the family occupied.

  • Travel Games - Most of the popular board games come in travel sizes
  • Headphones - Because not all people have the same music tastes
  • Travel Journal - Have the kids keep a record of the fun

Camping Items

Even if you’re not packing a backpack and heading into the wilderness, many camping items can help make your road trip more enjoyable.

  • Lightweight Sleeping Bag – Helps keep the backseat cozy
  • Flashlights – Don’t get caught in the dark
  • Portable Stove – Save money on your food budget by cooking your own meals
  • Extra Clothes – Nights can get chilly, especially if you’re headed to the mountains

Fun Boating Trips

Now that you’ve successfully packed for your trip, here are some suggestions for where to take the boat out or go camping near Long Island City. Don’t forget your personal floatation device!

  • Lake George Region of upstate New York - Only a couple hours from the city!
  • Lake Champlain, Vermont - A perfect weeklong trip
  • The Great Lakes - For the more adventurous among us, set a goal to dip your toes in each of the Great lakes

RV Adventures

For those looking to stay on dry land and forgo hotels, try these RV-ready adventures.

  • Weekend Camping – Because sometimes all you have is a weekend to spare
  • Educational Trips and Learning Adventures – Try a family trip to Gettysburg (PA) or Washington DC
  • Ultimate Amusement Park Trip – Try Cedar Point (OH), Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ), Disney World (FLA)

What are you waiting for? The open road is waiting. So hit up your CitiWide Self Storage unit and go!

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