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Tips for Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Is your lease up and you’re destined for a new pad? Maybe you scored a great deal on the home of your dreams. Moving during these uncertain times can be overwhelming, but CitiWide is here to help with some tips for navigating your big move during the coronavirus outbreak.

Take Extra Precautions

Maintain Social Distancing

It has become a way of life for us at this point, but it’s important you remember to maintain social distancing during your move. If you’re recruiting the help of family or friends, keep that 6-foot buffer at all times. That might prove a little tricky when teaming up to carry a heavy couch or desk, but do your best.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Frequent handwashing is key to moving during the COVID-19 outbreak. Stock up on and carry hand sanitizer at all times, especially if moving into an apartment complex with a lot of common areas. Whenever you can, wash your hands with old-fashioned soap. Need some handwashing tips? The CDC has you covered.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a face mask is said to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Because you’ll likely be working up a sweat during your big move, consider a mask made of lighter fabric. You can make your own or find one online.

Wear Gloves

Wear gloves! With all the heavy lifting you’ll likely be doing, it’s a good idea even if we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic. Be sure to wash your gloves after each round of your move, especially if you are touching doorknobs and things in common areas. And even if you are wearing gloves, try to avoid touching your face.

Consider Hiring Movers

Don’t feel like doing all the heavy lifting yourself? Maybe you or others in your household are older or immunocompromised? Consider a moving company to help limit exposure to COVID-19. If you do go this route, be sure to do your homework and ask them what precautions they’re taking to help protect their workers and clients from the coronavirus.

Unpacking Tips

Take great care in unpacking. Be sure to wash your hands regularly and wipe clean everything you unpack as you go. Don’t have friends help you with this part of the move. Do it yourself to limit potential exposure to the virus.

Headed Out of State?

Moving out of state? Scour the internet and check with local agencies to see what restrictions are in place in your destination. If you’re headed somewhere with high rates of infection and you have any flexibility with your move, maybe wait it out a bit.

Considering a Storage Unit?

Need a temporary home for your things during your move? CitiWide self storage units are a great solution. CitiWide has over 1,000 self storage units in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re storing a little or a lot, we can help. We also sell moving and packing supplies onsite.

You might also consider a storage unit if, as you’re moving, you decide you need to optimize your home office configuration or maximize your space to accommodate more family members. A unit at CitiWide could help give you the breathing room you need on the homefront.

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