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Three young male students carrying boxes and belongings through a dorm hallway.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Move Out of Your Dorm


The end of the college year is fast approaching and you have a lot to think about! You’re preparing for finals, wrapping up term papers, and squeezing in one last social opportunity with your friends. The last thing you want to worry about right now is moving all of your stuff out of the dorm. CitiWide Self-Storage has prepared some tips for making your move as hassle-free as possible.

Take Inventory

Chances are you have accumulated some things that you don’t need or don’t belong to you. Taking an hour or two just to sift through your belongings will save you time when the day to pack up and leave arrives. Dumping old paperwork from the class you dropped, returning your neighbor’s sweatshirt, and packing up your winter gear are things that can be done during a study break. It will be therapeutic and you will thank yourself later.

Reserve a Storage Unit With Pick-Up Option

Most students don’t have a big car to haul all their things home for the summer. Even if you do, why take it home if you are just going to bring it all back again in the fall? Taking the time now to reserve a storage unit near campus will help relieve a lot of stress on the days before your move. Self-storage places like CitiWide have a variety of unit sizes and prices, so you can get a small space for just your stuff, or share a space with friends. Citywide also offers free pick up and delivery, the perfect solution for students all over the New York Metro Area.

Make a To-Do List & A Time Line

Writing down all the things you need to accomplish before you leave campus will ensure that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Have you paid all of your campus fees? Do you need to cancel any online accounts? Having a timeline for when you plan to accomplish things will help even if you are a master procrastinator. Then, when the day comes to start packing, you can grab some boxes and packing material at CitiWide, and get it all done in a flash.

For more tips and information on how self-storage can ease up your everyday, check out the Citiwide blog.

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