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Let Us Help You Create Your Home Work Space


Now that companies are seeing firsthand just how productive their employees can be when working remotely, telecommuting is fast becoming a new normal for many workplaces. If you’re one of the countless workers now permanently posting up at home, CitiWide Self Storage is here to help you craft the perfect work-from-home setup. Here are five tips for a home office done right.

Multipurpose Furniture

When it comes to your home office setup, seek out furniture that’s versatile. A desk that folds up when you’re not working can save you a ton of space. Here’s one that collapses into a cabinet. Looking for something more traditional? This secretary desk is another spacesaver that folds up and can serve as a table for odds and ends when not being used for work.

Another way to save space is to forgo the traditional office chair and go the standing desk route. There are lots of options out there, many ideal for the budget-conscious shopper. Studies have shown that standing desks can also do wonders for your health.

Bluetooth is Your Friend

Don’t have a ton of desk space for multiple monitors? Maybe you just hate having wires strewn about everywhere? Go the Bluetooth route. There’s Bluetooth everything these days – keyboards, mice, headsets, earphones. Take advantage! Without as many wires, your home office will feel much less cluttered.

Get a Portable Monitor

If you need two screens to do your job effectively but don’t want to eat up all that extra space at your desk, consider a portable monitor. There are some great options out there – and you don’t always have to sacrifice picture quality. As a bonus, they’re easy to stash away when the workday is done.

Set Boundaries

Have a clearly defined office space, if possible, to help keep your work and personal life from blending together. That might mean confining your workspace to a single room and making a habit of packing up or stashing away your work equipment when you’re done for the day. It might even be as simple as not allowing yourself to work past a certain time. It’ll save not only your sanity but help you be more productive. How exactly you structure your day – and work setup – is your call. You know you better than anyone.

Consider a Self Storage Unit

If you’re finding your home is a little cramped with all your working from home equipment, a self storage unit can help. This can be an especially helpful solution if you have kids at home and are not only trying to make room for a home office but a home classroom, too. Store any furniture or seasonal gear you don’t need in the short term and free up space to live. CitiWide Self Storage offers units in a wide variety of sizes and prices, with month-to-month rental options available.

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