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Learn How to Ready Your Car for a Road Trip


At Citiwide we love road trips, and we hope you do too! With family or friends, it’s always nice to opt outside and get on the road to explore a new place. Whether you have an RV or a small sedan, it helps to pack your car in a way that makes accessing your belongings easy.  Here are some tips to get your car road-trip ready.

Pack Smart

Whether you’re on the road for just a couple days or are planning a multi-week trip, organization is key when you travel. Think about what you’ll be using the most and make sure it’s easily accessible from either the rear of the car, a side door, or simply have it on hand in the front. Items you don’t need while you drive such as heavy luggage, sports equipment, sleeping bags or other bedding, are perfect to place in your trunk.

Make sure that you have your trip essentials like snacks, wet wipes, napkins, and water within reaching distance of your front seats. Avoid packing and unpacking large luggage by having a backpack with an extra change of clothes and toiletries. It’s also a smart idea to bring a spare car key, some change for any toll roads, a CD for those roads with no service, and car charger for your phone.

Use the Space Efficiently

Use every nook and cranny of your ride. Every car has areas that are perfect to tuck away items without giving up any precious leg space or comfort. Under the seats, the glove compartment, and center console can be used to store small items like snacks, toiletries, books, and chargers. For extra efficiency, use boxes and fabric bags to keep everything separated and organized.

Entertain Your Kids

Let’s be honest, even the best of kids can have trouble sitting for long hours in a car. Make sure to plan ahead and bring their favorite snacks, music, toys, and games for a more pleasant trip. Your kids might want to take more breaks than you do, so keep that in mind and make the most of those bathroom stops to stretch, relax, and let the kiddos run off some steam.

Emergency Items

No matter how short your trip, you should always have an emergency kit in your car. You can buy emergency road and first aid kits in any auto supply store, or you can make your own. The basics include a working flashlight with extra batteries, 12-foot jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, duct tape, pliers, rags, a funnel, and work gloves. First aid kits should include bandages, gauze, scissors, tweezers, pain relievers, antiseptic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, and hand sanitizer.

Lastly, remember to stop by your storage unit at Citiwide and pick up any personal items in storage that you might need for an easy, fun, and stress-free road trip!

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