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How to Winterize Your Car for Storage


Do you have a classic roadster that needs to be stored in the winter? Or a convertible that just isn’t practical for driving in the snow? Let us help! At CitiWide Self Storage, we make it easy to find winter car storage in Long Island, New York. We offer outdoor parking spaces to help make more room in your cramped city lifestyle. 

But storing a car for the winter is more difficult than it seems. While you might be tempted to just park it and leave it, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your vehicle is ready to go again come spring. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Five Easy Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter Storage

Clean Out the Interior

The first step you should take towards storing any vehicle, winter or summer, is to make sure that it is clean and clear of your personal belongings. You should also remove any dirt and grime from the exterior, and also cover it in a nice coat of wax. This can help prevent scratches and damage to the paint during storage.

Another good idea is to place a box of baking soda in the trunk and/or interior of your car. Not only will it help keep smells at bay, it will also help reduce the likelihood of mold or mildew.  

Change the Oil and Antifreeze

Before storing your car, the oil needs to be changed and the antifreeze flushed and replaced. This will help prevent build-up and contamination that can occur during storage. Best of all, it ensures you’re your vehicle will be rearing and ready to go come spring, which means you get on the road faster.

Disconnect the Battery

Add life to your car’s battery by disconnecting it during storage. Keeping it connected will drain power and may force you to spend unnecessary money replacing it.

Note: Always remove the negative post first to avoid a nasty shock.

Fill and Stabilize

It’s a good idea to fill your car with gas before storing it for the winter so that the interior of the tank doesn’t rust due to condensation. In addition to a full tank, you should also include a fuel stabilizer and be sure to run the vehicle for a while so that the stabilizer can penetrate all the working parts. 

Cover Your Vehicle

The final step towards storing your vehicle this winter is to cover it with a quality car cover. If the car is being stored outside, it is essential that the liner be weather proof. We recommend selecting a cover that is UV resistant, water resistant, and provides protection from moisture, dust, and pollutants.  

Would you like to learn more about winter car storage in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan? Give us a call today. CitiWide Self Storage is here for you when you need us.

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