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A person assembles a new bicycle, surrounded by its packaging.

How to Use Your Storage Unit as Your Own Personal North Pole


With many people continuing to work and study from home, it's harder than ever to keep your holiday gifts a secret from the roommates, kids, or loved ones who share your space. Need a secret spot to hide or assemble those gifts – like that brand-new bike or dollhouse – so they aren’t spotted by snooping eyes? A self storage unit is a great place to create your own personal gift factory.

Some Assembly Required

Kids (and some grown-ups) are super-sleuths when it comes to sniffing out presents. And the smaller your home, the harder it is to find a good hiding place, particularly if the gift requires advance assembly. A storage unit is the perfect way to outsmart your kids and roommates and have the time and space you need for those complicated – yet top-secret – assembly projects. Grab a folding chair, a small portable table, wrapping items, and your tool kit, and you’re ready to turn your storage unit into your own personal North Pole, where you can wrap and assemble gifts without fear of discovery.

Full Steam Ahead

If you’ve got a lot of items that involve assembly, or a particularly large or lengthy assembly task, CitiWide offers units with electrical outlets. This will let you set up task lighting and use or recharge your power tools (and your phone) to speed up the process. You can take all the time you need to ensure you get it done right. Why stay up until the wee hours the night before the big day, when you can take care of the assembly well ahead of time in your storage unit, and then rest easy.

Avoid Surprise-Spoiling Home Deliveries

It’s hard to hide gifts from the people you live with when the packages show up at your door. If you have a particularly intuitive member of your household, the delivery of a package can give away the surprise based on the size, shape, or name of the vendor. Instead, consider having your holiday gifts shipped directly to CitiWide. You just pick them up here and move them to your storage unit for safekeeping until the big day, avoiding the possibility they’ll be “accidentally” opened at home.

Ship it From Here

If for any reason you realize a particular gift is too big to fit in your vehicle or the recipient decided to spend the holidays somewhere else, CitiWide has you covered. You can ship any of your gifts directly from our office. We even have packing materials available for purchase.

Storage for Holiday Decorations

After the holidays, your storage unit is the perfect place to keep all that seasonal decor until next year. With this new, designated space, you can keep all your holiday decorations in tip-top shape, and free up space in your closets, attic, or garage. And, hey – now that you have extra storage space, you can finally buy that giant inflatable snow globe you’ve had your eye on. Be sure to also invest in some inexpensive storage bins to make organizing and transporting your items easy and quick.

Enjoy the excitement and surprise on your friends’ and loved ones’ faces when they open their gifts on the big day. You can find more great ideas to help get the most out of life at the CitiWide Self Storage blog.

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