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Here are three ways to use self storage to your advantage during COVID

How to Use Self Storage to Your Advantage in a Post-COVID World


As we transition to life in a post-COVID world, all of us have had to adjust to a new normal – be it working exclusively from home, wearing masks, or social distancing. With the shifting of norms comes the shifting of items and belongings. After a year of living in a global pandemic, CitiWide Self Storage has assisted countless clients who’ve been impacted by the pandemic and want to share some tips on how you can use self storage to your advantage in a post-COVID world.

Establishing In-Home Work Space

Many of us have had to learn to work almost exclusively from home. With that comes the establishment of an in-home office space, and depending on the size of your home, there’s only so much reshuffling you can do. CitiWide’s storage units come in a variety of sizes so you can find the right amount of storage space to help keep your home running smoothly.

Clearing Out Office Space

Many businesses are finding steady productivity despite staff working from home. This means employers will need less office space in the future. Many companies are already heading in this direction. Expect the downsizing trend to continue as employers and employees adapt to remote work. And self storage is a great option for companies looking to shrink their offices or storefronts. CitiWide’s month-to-month rental agreements allow businesses to store office materials for long- or short-term needs.

Live on the Move

Many people who can work remotely have decided to live remotely as well, packing their essentials into a motorhome or camper van and hitting the road. If packing your home into a U-Haul and delivering your belongings to CitiWide Self Storage’s facility in Long Island City, New York, sounds like an adventure worth having, our large storage spaces can accommodate an entire home’s worth of stuff. Also, our vehicle spaces can keep your smaller vehicles and other autos safe and sound while you’re getting to know the open road.

For more great ideas on how CitiWide Self Storage can help you take advantage of the many situations life throws at you, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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