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How to Take Care of Your Body While Lifting Heavy Objects


When it comes to moving, there’s no avoiding the transfer of heavy objects from your car or truck to your storage unit. We all know that the grunt work is the least desirable part of the moving process. Rather than speeding through your move and risking your health for a few minutes of saved time, why not lift your objects the right way, save yourself some pain, and get back to the things you love most in life. Thanks to Citiwide Self Storage, we’ve put together a few tips to get your move done safely and efficiently. 

Start with a Solid Base

Once you’ve identified how heavy an object is, you’re going to want to start with a wide base for support. Make sure your feet are shoulder-length apart and keep one foot in front of the other to maximize your balance and to keep the weight spread out across your whole body. 

Squat Properly

When you’re ready to get the heavy object up and moving, it’s important to remember to squat properly. Bending with your knees rather than with your back is a crucial part of avoiding back injuries. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when lifting heavy items, and it can be easily avoided. Bending at the knees will allow you to use the muscles in your legs while taking the pressure off your lower back. 

Posture is Key

As you begin to lift up, make sure that your posture doesn’t start to decline. Keeping your head forward, shoulders back, and chest out, is vital in letting your legs do the hard work for you. As soon as your back begins to curl over, your risk of injury starts to skyrocket. Slowly begin to lift the object, straighten your knees, and breathe out as you lift up. 

Carrying the Heavy Object

Once you’ve got the heavy item in your arms, you’ll want to carry it as close to your body as possible, near the belly button area, with your elbows close to your side. According to the University of North Carolina Workplace Safety Study, slowly and smoothly move your feet to turn rather than twisting your body. This will take the pressure off your lower back as you continue to let your legs do most of the work. 

Setting Down 

When it comes time to set the large item down, the best way to go about it is repeating the same steps you did to pick it up, but in reverse. Instead of dropping it or letting the weight bring you down to the ground, bend your knees, keep your head up, your stomach muscles tight and gently place the object down. You’ve already made it this far, the worst thing would be for you to injure yourself on the homestretch.

Take Advantage of Dollie & Carts

At Citiwide Self Storage, we care about your health and aim to keep your heavy lifting to a minimum. That’s why at most of our facilities, we make dollies and flatbed carts available, free of charge, for you to use. If you’re looking on more tips on how to make your move an exceptional one, visit our Citiwide Self Storage blog.

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