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How to Prepare Confidential Files for Off-Site Storage


If your NYC business is running out of space to store files or records, self storage may be the solution for you. Moving your confidential files to an off-site location will not only help save space in your office, it will also give you peace of mind. Let us show you just how easy and accessible it can be.

Choose the Right Storage Box

When it comes to selecting a vessel for storing your files, there are three primary options depending on your needs, each of which has its pros and cons:

  • Cardboard File Box – Available in a variety of sizes and strengths , including steel reinforced and corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic File Box – Durable and moisture resistant; ideal for portability and stacking
  • Metal Storage Box – Most durable and longest lasting; optional locking for increased security

For short-term storage, a cardboard file box is both simple and cost effective. However, if you need long-term storage or have multiple boxes of files to stack, plastic or metal provides better protection and is more likely to stand up to potentially damaging conditions, like extreme heat or humidity.

Packing Files – Dos & Don’ts

Do select climate-controlled storage to store your files. Not only will this help to control the temperature in your unit, it also helps to decrease the likelihood of mold or mildew infiltrating your storage space.

Don’t leave boxes of files uncovered. Plastic file boxes in particular are ideal for creating an air-tight seal.

Do catalog your boxes. It is important to keep an inventory of all stored files, both to ensure privacy and for insurance purposes.

Don’t label confidential boxes with names of students, employees, patients, etc. A numbering system will help you to easily identify inventory without sacrificing security.

Shred or Save?

We know it can be hard to part with those long held file boxes hanging around your office. But not all of your files need to stay with your forever. Invest in a secure shredding service for that unnecessary paperwork cluttering up your business.

When in doubt keep it. Otherwise, toss.

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