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How to Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger


There’s no reason to trade size for comfort when you live in the Big Apple. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can have both! Read on to find out what you can do to make your home feel bigger and how CitiWide Self Storage can help.

Purpose is Paramount

Each piece you choose to feature needs to work for its keep. You might showcase a slim mid-century modern coffee table for nostalgia reasons – maybe a piece passed down from a family member – or a narrow buffet piece that pulls triple duty as a TV stand, storage cabinet, and wine rack for its functional purpose. The secret is to look at each decorative piece in your place and love it. If the vase you’ve acquired from who knows where that you’re keeping by the entryway doesn’t scream WELCOME HOME every time you walk through the door, send it to decorator purgatory, the Goodwill. Someone else will be happy you did.

Store It Away

Anything that can’t justify its current purpose or function but you know you’ll use at a later date gets a special trip directly to your CitiWide Self Storage unit – accessories, clothes, dishware, business files, for example. CitiWide Self Storage offers a variety of unit sizes for storage, starting from 12 square feet up to 2,000+ square feet. You can even store your car there for just a month or longer! If you like to decorate for the seasons, your summer and winter bedding and seasonal decorations can be stored at CitiWide in the offseason.

Decorating Magic

Monochromatic tones of lighter, brighter hues do wonders for a small space. Keep that same color flowing from room to room and you’ll promote an open feeling. Similarly, if you can create height in your rooms, you will be drawing the eye up to the space above. To do this, keep furniture proportional to your space – think thinner arms and legs on the sofa – and lower to the ground if possible. For window shades, keep them the same color as the wall. If you prefer drapes, hang the rod above the window height to keep that eye moving upward. Also, create more space and flow in the room with mirrors and glass. A glass or lucite coffee table can feel almost invisible. And a floor-to-ceiling mirror with a narrow profile creates a reflection that gives the illusion of depth.

Accessorize Intentionally

The use of accessories in your smaller apartment should be intentional. Less is more when it comes to this final step in your process. Stick to accessories that have meaning, like those keepsakes you’ve collected from a special trip or your family, or feature framed art as a primary accessory. For soft accessories like pillows and throws, choose reversible fabrics that switch up in a flash! You’ll cut back on the need for storing extras and you’ll get two full wearings before they need to be cleaned. Win-win!

For more tips on how to store things, check out the CitiWide Self Storage blog.

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