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A room with a baby crib, dresser and chair.

How to Make Room in Your Home for a New Family Member


The arrival of a new member of the family is a time for celebration. But before you experience the highs and lows a newborn brings, you have to make room.

In an ideal world, a new bundle of joy will have a room of their own with plenty of space for all their belongings. Unfortunately, life is seldom perfect. Maybe you’re living in a one bedroom apartment with a child on the way? Perhaps you’re saving for a new home so sharing a small bedroom with your baby is the plan for now?

Whatever the obstacles, don’t get discouraged. Get excited! This is a great opportunity to do big things in a small space. Here are three tips to help you make room for your new family member.

Establish a Space

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to make a nursery in your bedroom or a nursery in the living room, it’s important to establish a nursery space. IKEA has a huge inventory of nursery furniture to help you set up a creative and functional area while keeping everything you need for the baby within easy reach.

Optimize The Space

Once you’ve established your space, you have to get the most out of it. Consider purchasing a baby crib with built-in storage and changing table. Flat surfaces such as the top of a dresser can also sub in for a changing table. All you need is a padded changing mat with raised sides. Be sure to secure the changing mat to any surface you choose.

Get Decorative

Even with limited space, you can still get creative. Color is a great way to set your nursery area apart from the rest of your home. When choosing furniture, look for a darker or lighter shade of color that complements your existing motif. Painting an accent wall behind the crib is another great way to let the area stand out as its own space. Another subtle way to have fun with the space is by purchasing an area rug big enough to encompass the entire nursery space. A rug composed of bright and bold colors creates a visual foundation for your nursery.

Let CitiWide Help

A newborn baby is a game-changer, to be sure. And as you optimize your home space, you might realize you simply have too much stuff. Instead of taking your belongings to the dumpster, let CitiWide Self Storage help! Our units come in a variety of sizes and are month-to-month, which allows you to decide how long you need us. We’re also your one-stop shop for packing and moving supplies. And when you decide to store your belongings with us, we offer free two-hour moving service for a new tenant to our site on move-in. You’ve got plenty to worry about. Let CitiWide lighten the load.

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