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How to Downsize Your Home in Style


In this age of living more and spending less on stuff, downsizing has become a popular trend. But how do you pull it off without sacrificing your personal style? What do you keep? What do you get rid of? What do you put in storage? These tips will help you streamline the downsizing process:

Sort, Choose, Sell

Keeping the size of your space in mind, decide which big pieces (couch, bookcase, dining table, buffet) are going to make the cut. Focus on function and select only pieces that have a purpose. Next, sort through things like wall hangings, lighting, papers, kitchen items, and window dressings. Continue this process with all your stuff and sort everything into three piles – keep, toss, and sell/give away. There may be things you don’t want to get rid of, and, for these items, consider passing them on to a family member, storing, or selling them. Moving can be expensive. Selling pieces will help you financially and free you up to buy the supplemental necessities. After you have your three piles, go through the keep pile once more and edit – it helps to have an objective friend around for this step to keep you honest!

Supplemental Pieces

Pieces that blend form and function should be your focus. Here are a few versatile items to consider:

  • An Extending Dining Table This piece is key for entertaining. It starts out as a one-person desk and can transform into a dinner table for four or five.
  • Murphy Bed The simplest way to make your bed – and the perfect option for a studio space, tiny home, or bonus room.
  • Buffet/Wine Rack/Table Combining all this into one piece is quite a feat and a definite win! A buffet is usually the first thing to land in the sell pile, so if this one fits, grab it!
  • Ottoman/Coffee Table/Storage The ottoman has become an old standard when it comes to downsizing. Choose durable and stain-resistant fabric for this high-use piece.

Style – It’s All About the Blend

You definitely don’t have to sacrifice style when you downsize. However, you may have to become a little more flexible with the style you adopt. Not all functional pieces come in multiple styles. Most trend toward modern or contemporary. If your style is traditional, you can easily blend these two and create a transitional interior space. Your friends and guests will be pleasantly surprised by your new, fresher space when they see how you’ve purposefully mixed styles and made them work seamlessly together.

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