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How to Better Organize Your Storage Unit


When it comes to organizing a storage unit, we know it can be an intimidating feat! From packing and sorting to labeling and moving – it can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re in the market for a new unit or tidying up your current one, let CitiWide Self Storage help you create an organized, easy-to-access self storage unit with these practical tips and tricks.

Consider What You are Working With

When getting ready to organize your storage unit, it’s important to ask yourself some pertinent questions about your things. How many items do I have to store? How frequently will I need to access them? How much storage space do I need as a result? For an organized storage unit, you’ll want to start with an open walkway, clearly labeled bins and boxes, and items grouped together in themes for easy accessibility. Be sure to give yourself a large enough storage unit to access important belongings. You don’t want to pull everything out to get to that one box that is buried way in the back!

Vertical Space

The often forgotten vertical space is prime real estate in a storage unit. Use all this space to your advantage - stack ‘em to the ceiling! For even greater organization, head to your local home improvement store for some shelving units. Shelves give you the option to keep delicate keepsakes off the floor and away from the risk of heavier items being stacked on top of them. Keep heavyweight boxes and sturdier storage bins at the very bottom.

Pack, Label & Sort

Opening your storage unit door and seeing a clear pathway with everything stacked neatly is storage heaven. But where is that bin with all the camping gear? Clear storage bins, labeled boxes and bins, and grouped items by theme significantly improve your chances to locate items. For instance, put all your outdoor gear on one side of the unit, the tools in the corner, and the home decor in another area. Follow smart tips like labeling boxes on the side facing outward and keeping the most frequently used items toward the front of your unit. For even greater organization, give each bin a number with an inventory and photo list attached. Keep a copy of the inventory lists for yourself as well. When it’s time to locate grandma’s pre-war china you’ll know exactly where to look!

Leave It to the Experts

Packing up those delicate keepsakes, moving massive furniture pieces into the real life version of Tetris, or picking out the right size storage unit can feel daunting. When in doubt, rely on the professionals for help wrapping up important belongings, perfectly placing boxes, selecting a unit size, or doing all the heavy lifting. Save your energy with the expert help and quick advice from our friendly CitiWide Self Storage team.

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