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Two warmly dressed men and a woman smiling and holding gift boxes and a bottle of champagne, are on the front porch of a home decorated with holiday lights.

How Storage Can Help You Get Ready for the Holidays


Need to get your house ready for the steady stream of guests during the busy holiday season? Maybe you're particularly festive and have box upon box of decorations. CitiWide Self Storage can help. Here's how.

Clear the Room

Regardless of the size of your home, there are certain situations at this time of year that make you yearn for a little more floor space. Maybe you couldn’t resist that big Christmas tree on the lot. Or, everyone you invited over for Thanksgiving or Hanukkah accepted, and now you have to fit 20 people into your small apartment for the big dinner. Perhaps you’re going all out and throwing a New Year’s Eve party, but are worried about your tipsy friends spilling red wine on your new white sofa. It could also be as simple as clearing the clutter out of your guest room so out-of-town visitors can actually use it.

Moving to a new home or renovating your apartment probably aren’t viable options. But renting a self storage unit is an easy and inexpensive solution—temporarily store a few pieces of excess furniture or all the random paraphernalia from the spare room while you have company or events taking place.

Some Assembly Required

Kids (and some grown ups) are super-sleuths when it comes to sniffing out presents. And the smaller your home, the harder it is to find a good hiding place. There are also many stories about sleepless nights and kids left in tears after parents made the rookie mistake of waiting too late to put together the bicycle, doll house, or multitude of other gifts that don’t come pre-assembled and have many, many tiny parts and confusing instructions. A short-term storage unit is the perfect way to outsmart your kids and have the time and space you need for those complicated – yet top-secret – assembly projects. Just make sure you have a way to get the finished product back to your home in time for the big day.

Storage for Holiday Decorations

If your collection of holiday decorations just keeps expanding, cramming these items into the same tiny space can cause damage and also make it difficult to locate everything next year. If space for your seasonal decor when it’s not on display is becoming an issue, consider self storage. With this new designated space, you can keep all your holiday decor in tip-top shape and simplify the process of putting up and taking down decorations when the holidays are over. Not to mention, now you can finally get that giant inflatable you’ve had your eye on. Be sure to buy some inexpensive storage bins to make organizing and transporting your items easy and quick.

Let Us Help

This holiday season, lack of space is no reason to turn guests away or pass up the chance to buy an incredible wreath on sale. With a convenient, central location in Long Island City, month-to-month contracts, and no deposits, it’s easy to rent a self storage unit at CitiWide to get you through the holidays or store items year round. CitiWide has all the extra capacity you need. For more storage and organization tips visit the CitiWide Self Storage blog.

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