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How Self Storage Can Help Grow Your Long Island City Business


It’s a new year and with the change of calendar comes the desire, passion, and motivation to reinvigorate your life. For many business owners, resolutions for growth top their new year's resolutions and self storage can help make that a reality. Self storage can allow your Long Island City business to grow and thrive in a manageable and cost-effective way.

Benefits of Commercial Storage

Self storage offers business owners many advantages, including the ability to cost effectively grow while remaining profitable. Consider the following benefits of commercial storage for your Long Island City business:

  1. More Space Without Having to Move - Sometimes in order for your business to grow the way you want it to, you require more space. But how do you account for the larger space before you have the revenue and business to back it up? Renting a storage unit provides you with more space without having to move your business operation to a larger location. Start small and save money on renting a larger commercial space when you use self storage to contain extra inventory, equipment and files.
  2. Delivery Acceptance - We know what you’re thinking - if you rent a storage unit, won’t you have to go back and forth all the time when packages are delivered to your company’s physical space? You won’t. Certain self storage facilities, like at CitiWide Self Storage, include package and delivery acceptance. We will gladly accept packages for you that are shipped to our facility.
  3. Climate Control - Renting a climate-controlled storage unit allows businesses to maintain the quality of their inventory and equipment easily. Whether you’re a realtor staging homes and need a place for furniture between showings or operate a retail outlet with temperature-sensitive inventory, climate control can help your business grow by preserving the items.

How Can Self Storage Help Your Business Grow?

While there may be many clear advantages to renting a storage unit, how can doing so help your business grow? By renting a storage unit and utilizing the space there, you can save money on moving and leasing a larger space for your company. Skip the hassle and take advantage of the additional space without an astronomical overhead cost.

With a variety of sizes of storage units, you’ll be able to find the perfect amount of space for your business to grow and thrive. Renting a storage unit also allows your business the convenience of growing externally. Need more space? Just rent a larger storage unit. Ready to make the move to a larger physical space? Storage units are easy to downsize.

Are you interested in using a storage unit to help your Long Island City business grow? Contact CitiWide Self Storage for more information about availability!

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