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How a Self Storage Unit Can Help You Conquer These 3 Home Projects


As you continue to spend more time at home, you may find yourself thinking it’s time to get started on those home remodels you’ve been putting off. And with home projects come the need to store tons of supplies while also finding space for all your displaced belongings. It’s a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how CitiWide Self Storage can help you conquer these three home projects by eliminating the most common problem with big home projects – a lack of space.

Outdoor Remodel?

Thinking of expanding the front porch during the summer but your local Home Depot had a great deal on a custom deck package you couldn’t pass up. Where will you put all that decking between now and summer? CitiWide Self Storage has you covered. Our convenient month-to-month unit rentals are great for short-term stays and let you hit the ground running when it’s time to get started.

In-Home Remodel?

Thinking of installing a skylight in the bedroom? Maybe knocking down a wall to expand the dining room? With big in-home projects, furniture and other precious belongings need to find a new short-term home. Now, your solution to this problem could be a DIY storage unit in the backyard made of a big tarp and some spare 2x4s, but that’s not being very kind to your property. Getting a storage space at CitiWide keeps your belongings safe from the elements as well as the occasional stray cat. We even offer free curbside pickup with your move-in!

Garage Remodel?

Expanding the garage for a mother-in-law or a spare room? HOA won’t let you leave the convertible or motorcycle on the curb? Not to worry. Many CitiWide locations have secure spaces for your vehicles so you can get that garage finished HOA hassle-free.

For more great ideas on how CitiWide Self Storage can help you take advantage of the many situations life throws at you, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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