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An attractive, neat at-home workout room

How a Self Storage Unit Can Help With Your Fitness Goals


It’s a new year, and you are working on a new you. If you have chosen getting fit as your primary New Year’s resolution for 2023, you are not alone. Getting fit is always one of the top choices for self-improvement in a new year, but how to do it is key. Joining a fitness center is one option, but gym memberships in New York are expensive, and spending time getting there can become a deterrent, especially if you are busy or not totally motivated. If you want to work out but have no desire to go to a gym, a self storage unit can free up the space you need right at home. CitiWide has some tips for how to create the workout facility of your dreams in your own home with the help of a self storage unit.

Choose Your Space Carefully

An ideal space is one you can dedicate for fitness only, so that you are not distracted or tempted by other things as you work out. Not many of us have a room that is completely unused, but maybe you have a room or space that isn’t used often, such as a guest room or hobby area. Those are perfect for in-home gyms because you can store the guest bed or hobby supplies for when you need them and feel good about getting more productive use out of your space.

Create an Inviting Environment

Make your work space a place where you want to be. A clean, uncluttered area will help you stay focused. You also want your area to be well-ventilated, which may mean bringing in a fan or air purifier. Your workout space should always be beckoning, so you want to avoid putting other things on or near your workout equipment. Having to shift things around in order to workout will likely result in loss of motivation. Consider storing anything that may inhibit good ventilation or your desire to workout.

Consider Your Equipment

If you are serious about getting in shape in the new year, you will want to incorporate both cardio and strength training. These days, the choices for at-home fitness equipment are huge, so be sure to take some time to think about what will work best for you and your space. Choose equipment that you think you will stick with over time. A mat and a few weights are unlikely to keep you motivated in the long run. The more engaging the software/interface, the more likely you are to get excited about your workout.

Store Wisely

When you are ready to find a storage space to create your dream home workout space, you will want to consider factors like location, unit size, and price. CitiWide Self Storage is conveniently located near residents in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island City, and Brooklyn. We have a wide variety of unit sizes, plus month-to-month rentals, so you never pay for more space than you need. Our friendly associates would be happy to discuss your needs and find the perfect storage solution for you. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more tips on making the most of your NYC space.

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