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How a Self Storage Unit Can Help Expand Your Small Business


The good news: Your small business is growing. The bad news: You need more space than your home can provide. A self storage unit is an excellent alternative to letting your business take over your home or spending your profits on an expensive office space. Here are some helpful tips on using your new self storage space to expand your small business.

Choose the Right Kind of Storage Unit

Self storage units aren't just three walls and a door anymore. Here at CitiWide Self Storage, we’ve evolved to meet the future-forward needs of our customers. So while you could simply use a storage unit for your inventory, choosing a storage space with advanced features like electrical outlets means you can set up a functional workspace with all the comforts of a home office.

Inventory Delivery

One of the perks of using a CitiWide Self Storage unit to expand your small business is the ability to have your inventory delivered directly to our self storage facility. All that’s required is CitiWide’s postage information along with your name and unit number. This means no more running back and forth to the post office for deliveries or worrying about packages arriving when you're not home.

Packaging, Shipping & Postal Materials on Hand

Another advantage to running your small business from a storage facility like CitiWide is the ability to purchase packing and shipping materials onsite. This eliminates the worry of not having enough supplies when a big order comes in or having to dedicate too much space to empty boxes and packing paper.

Room to Grow

Depending on your business, you may only need a small storage unit at first, but as you expand, so can the size of your unit. Even if you find yourself needing an additional unit for extra inventory, storage unit prices are still far more cost effective than renting an office space.

Make CitiWide Your Small Business Solution

From a simple space to store your inventory to a complete small business setup, CitiWide Self Storage has you covered if you're in the NYC area and looking to expand your small business. Our units come in a variety of sizes, including custom-built units with everything you need to take your business ventures to the next level. For more great storage tips, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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