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A woman folding up winter sweaters on her couch

Getting Ready for Fall: Putting Away Summer & Getting Ready for Cooler Times


The seasons are changing – it’s time to start putting away those short-sleeve button-downs and break out the cozy knit sweaters. Find satisfaction in getting organized this fall, whether it’s making extra space in the garage or rotating out your wardrobe. Keep reading for ideas on how to use your storage unit to prepare for the cooler months.

Switch Up Your Wardrobe

Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season is one of the biggest recurrent fashion trends. Not only does it give you extra closet space, but it simplifies your selection and saves you time every day picking out clothing. Forget sliding through a rack of jam-packed hangers to find that one denim jacket in the back. As we head into fall, sort through your closet and set aside your summer apparel for storage. Skip the cardboard-and-duct tape packing and place one of these awesome standing wardrobes inside your storage unit.

A Place for Holiday Decor

Time with family seated around the table for Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Now if you could just remember which brown box in the attic you stuffed with all that turkey-themed decor. Make this year different by setting aside perfectly organized and labeled storage bins to avoid any last-minute party-planning panic.

Store Away Summer Toys

When the sunshine and summer heat start to fade into fall, outdoor activities dwindle. Free up the garage, yard, or attic and store away summer items during the cooler months. Rest easy knowing your expensive kayak, inflatable pool, or expensive kayak and its accompanying gear has a dedicated space for the fall and winter.

See You Next Year, Camping Season

Sleeping bags, tents, camping chairs, and lanterns all need a home for the winter when camping season comes to a close. Think about all that extra space in the garage to park your car when the snowy weather rolls in and know exactly where your camping gear is when spring hits next year – it’s all conveniently tucked away in a CitiWide self storage unit!

Small Apartment, Who?

No matter what season it is, we all know how claustrophobic city living can be. Whether your apartment is 300 or 1,300 square feet, count on a reliable storage space that’s easily accessible from your home’s neighborhood. Never worry about finding a place in the city to rent equipment for your summer activities again. Buy what you need, use it, store it, and live worry-free year after year.

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