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A woman kayaking the Hudson in New York City, holding up her hand in the peace sign.

Best Kayaking Spots Around NYC


When we think of New York City, we think of the ultimate concrete jungle, full of tall buildings and legendary landmarks. But, as any nature lover can tell you, when it comes to outdoor adventures, NYC has you covered. The Big Apple's fishing, biking, and even kayaking spots are just as plentiful as the cool architecture. If you’re new to the city and were wondering, “How do I get into a water sport without owning a yacht?” Kayaking is your answer. With summer upon us, it's time to grab your kayaking gear out of storage and schedule a date with Mother Nature. With fun-filled river adventures in mind, here are three kayaking destinations around NYC you should check out.

LIC Community Boathouse

The LIC Community Boathouse in Long Island City is a free walkup kayaking spot that’s great for any skill level. Once you get out you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous views of Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

How about a picnic with your afternoon kayaking session. The Boathouse at Brooklyn Bridge Park is located at Pier 2 and provides an uber-convenient kayaking option for enthusiasts in the area. Plus, the newly redeveloped park provides a beautiful backdrop and hangout spot.

Hunters Point South Kayak Ramp

Hunters Point South Kayak Ramp is a no-frills ramp at the southwest point of the Hunter’s Point Park along the East River. It isn’t much to look at but if you live close, it’s a great spot in the east river for some kayaking.

Storing Your Kayak

Purchasing a well-made kayak is no small investment. They’re also an odd shape that tends to be difficult to store. When it comes to finding a home in NYC for your outdoor gear between adventures, CitiWide Self Storage is your place. Here, we have storage spaces of various sizes so you don’t spend money for space you don’t need.

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