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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Moving to NYC


Moving anywhere is tough. Moving to NYC is really, really tough. At Citiwide, we want you to be prepared for your next big move, so we made a list of the most common mistakes people make when moving to New York, and how you can avoid them. 

Hiring the Wrong Broker

If you’re coming from out of state, finding an apartment to rent in The Big Apple is no easy task. If an apartment you’ve only seen online seems too good to be true, it probably is. NYC is unique for many reasons, including that it’s pretty typical for apartment owners and potential renters to be represented by agents. Broker and brokerage firms are the go-between for the apartment owner and the potential renter. Good brokers know the city and neighborhoods and can help negotiate rent and lease options. Landlords can also hire brokers to represent the available listings. Long story short, brokers do the legwork. People who are apartment hunting in the city can seek out brokers to help them find an apartment that meets their needs. Do broker research before they show you a listing and familiarize yourself with the average rental prices in neighborhoods. Be warned – using a broker is not free. You’ll typically end up paying them a “broker’s fee” if you decide to rent the apartment they show you, which generally turns out to be either one month’s rent, or 12 -15% of the annual rent, depending on which broker you choose.

Being Naive About Space

While a listing may claim to be a “two bedroom,” it might really be a one bedroom in disguise. If you don’t see the phrase “true two,” you might get stuck with a one bedroom that was converted into two for the sake of making a little extra on the rent. It seems like a no-brainer, but make sure you see the apartment you want to rent in person before signing anything. This can be a bit of a hassle if you’re coming from out of state, which is why using a broker who has your best interests in mind can be helpful. That being said, it might still be difficult to find exactly the size place you want. If you end up in a smaller-than-desired space, you’re going to need somewhere you trust to store the belongings that won’t fit in your new apartment. That’s where we come in. Citiwide has locations throughout New York City. Check out our Storage Unit Sizes & Prices page for a complete list of our sizes and pricing options.

Hiring the First Mover You See

With hundreds of moving companies spread out around NYC, it can be easy to pick the cheapest one and assume all will be well. In reality, cheaper probably does not equal better. Avoid the nightmare of an inexperienced mover showing up late, or worse, losing your belongings by hiring a mover that knows the city like the back of their hand. Sites like Thumbtack and Yelp are both great places to read reviews written by actual customers, and they’re usually brutally honest. Both sites are free to use and easy to navigate. Never underestimate the importance of customer experience. Read reviews, ask around, and be prepared. 

Waiting Until the Last Minute

When it comes to moving anywhere, avoiding the last-minute rush will keep your stress levels to a minimum and help make your move all the easier. It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you actually pack your belongings before the movers get to your place. There’s nothing worse than having movers show up to an apartment that isn’t ready to go. Start by boxing items that you don’t use every day during the weeks leading up to your big move. Stumble upon something that you haven’t used in years? Donate it! Moving with belongings that are just going to end up in the donation pile post-move is a big, unnecessary chore.

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