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At-Home Fix-It Projects


During the coronavirus outbreak, your first priority must be keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Once your immediate safety is taken care of, you may be left with a lot of downtime. One productive way to spend your days is by updating and repairing your living space. Now’s the time to do all those little things you’ve been too busy to take care of. Citiwide’s handy guide can help you along the way.

Identify Your Projects

Grab a pad of paper and a pen and make your way through your home, noting anything in need of repair. Don’t forget to mark lightbulbs that are burned out, and add in simple updates like repainting a wall or upgrading your bathroom or kitchen fixtures. The longer the list, the more to keep you busy over the coming weeks and the happier and more comfortable you will be when you’re all finished!

Take Stock of Tools & Supplies

Depending on the project, there’s an ideal tool out there for getting the job done. A wrench for tightening a loosened pipe. A flat-head screwdriver for changing those drawer pulls. A paint roller for making short work of your new kitchen accent wall. Making sure you have the right tools and other supplies is an important step. If anything is missing, place an online order. For heavier supplies like cans of paint, power tools, and lumber, hardware stores like Home Depot, Ace Hardware offer the option of ordering online and then picking up at the store. Some even offer curbside pickup!

Home Repair Safety

When doing your own home repairs, there are a few safety tips to consider, depending on the project at hand. If painting is on your list, clear all furniture and accessories from the room or cover everything with plastic. Also, make sure your workspace is properly ventilated. For electrical work, like a new light switch, you’ll want to turn off the breaker for that part of your house. And when it comes to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, make sure you turn the water off before separating any pipes. It’s also important to have the right kind of ladder for any up-high work and to practice proper ladder safety. The OSHA Portable Ladder Safety guide offers some quick tips to help you stay safe.

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