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An Unforgettable Way to Spend a Day in Each of NYC’s 5 Boroughs


Looking for some under-the-radar fun in New York City? You’re in luck. There’s plenty of quirky adventure to be had in each of the Big Apple’s five boroughs. CitiWide is here to help you plan your next day trip with one (slightly) offbeat suggestion for fun in each of NYC’s five boroughs.

Silverball Fun in Brooklyn

NYC’s most populous borough is brimming with hidden gems. Here’s a particularly quirky one – a laundromat with a pinball arcade tucked away amid the stacks of commercial-grade washers and dryers. Even if you don’t have hampers full of laundry to lug in, Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball is worth your time. Compete for high scores, tilt back a pint of craft beer, and, maybe even knock out a few loads of laundry.

A Natural Escape in the Bronx

Who says you can’t find nature in the big city? When you want to ditch the towering NYC skyline for towering trees that date back to the Revolution, escape to Thain Family Forest. This woodsy retreat takes you back in time a few centuries. Bird watch, hike, or simply sit back and enjoy the serenity of this 50-acre oasis in the concrete jungle.

A Museum for the Modern Age in Queens

Whether you’re a movie buff, TV buff, or even a GIF buff, you’ll love the Museum of Moving Images. Immerse yourself in a world of all things video with interactive exhibitions, screenings, and educational programs. This museum for the modern age maintains the “nation’s largest collection of artifacts relating to art, history, and technology of the moving image”.

Manhattan Magic

Ready to up your magic game? Then you best conjure up a visit to Tannen’s Magic Shop. Browse the shop’s diverse inventory of products, which includes highlights like the Ultra Lucky Coin and The Key of Fate. And if you want to take your wizardry to the next level, enroll in one of Tannen’s many lectures and classes!

Shipwrecks on Staten Island

Even if you’re not into boating, it’s easy to be enamored with Staten Island’s tugboat graveyard. The informal resting place along the shore between Staten Island and New Jersey is home to many a ship from New York’s rich past as a booming port city. Check out the weathered remains of some truly impressive vessels.

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