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A wall of stacked boxes all labeled with different rooms of a house and types of items.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Self Storage Unit


Renting a self storage unit is your first step in making more space in your home, garage, or place of business. But to truly get the best use out of this extra space, you need to organize it efficiently. Check out these five tips from our storage experts on how to stretch the space in your self storage unit.

Start at the Beginning

As you’re packing your boxes before moving them to your storage unit, be sure that you fill them completely. To keep them from becoming too heavy, pack them with a mixture of light and heavy items, such as books or glassware combined with draperies, cloth, or pillows. It’s also helpful if you can use boxes that are all the same size. This will make it easier to stack them and keep your boxes organized. The best way to go about this is by purchasing boxes from a storage facility or moving company. That way you can be sure they are sturdy enough to hold their shape when stacked. CitiWide carries a full line of moving supplies.

Label, Label, Label

There are actually two ways you can go about this. Either write the entire contents of each box on its side. Or – our favorite – put a number on each box and write its content on a master list. Then, as you fill your storage unit, keep the boxes in order. This way, when you find you need a specific item, you can locate it on your list and then know right where to go in your storage unit.

Make It Accessible

Once you’ve done all that careful labeling and as you begin to stack your boxes inside your storage unit, be sure to build a walkway by leaving a couple of feet between each row of boxes. This way, when you do need to get something from a box you can easily locate it without having to move a ton of stuff.

Don’t Waste Any Space

Remember that the floor of your self storage unit isn’t the only place to store things. Use bungees and hooks to hang items from the walls and/or ceiling of your unit. All of the space between those walls is yours to use, so get creative and utilize every inch.

Pack Strategically

Finally, remember that no matter how well you label your boxes and organize your unit, the items closest to the door are alway going to be the easiest to access. Ergo, you should put anything you are fairly certain you will need in the near future in front.

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your storage unit. Got more questions? Contact the professionals at CitiWide Self Storage. For tips and tricks on self storage and more, visit the CitiWide Self Storage blog.

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