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5 DIY Home Project to Keep You Busy This Winter


At CitiWide Self Storage, we know that winter can be a tough time of year to keep active and engaged.  When it’s cold and wet outside and Old Man Winter is not letting up, don’t let the winter blues get you down. Instead, make the most of the chilly weather with DIY projects that make staying indoors a treat.

Warm Up with Your Own Hot Chocolate Mix

Is there anything better than holding a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold night? Enjoy the deep and delicious decadence of this DIY hot chocolate mix. The combination of Dutch cocoa powder, sea salt, and chocolate shavings makes this one of the best hot chocolate mixes out there. And for the adult version, try adding a splash of your favorite rum or bourbon for a true winter warmer.

Craft Your Own Hanging Planters

When the snow melts away and there’s little greenery around, look to indoor plants to help liven up your spaces and your spirits. Choose your favorite low-maintenance indoor plant, like a hardy aloe vera succulent or low-maintenance Golden Pothos plant, and try your hand at making one of these DIY hanging planters.

Create Custom Essential Oil Candles

Take advantage of the short winter days to create a cozy candlelit nook in your home where you can showcase your DIY scented candles. This DIY project uses melt-and-pour soy wax, so all you have to worry about is creating your own essential oil blends to feature in your custom candles. One of our favorite combinations? Eucalyptus and cedarwood create a woodsy fragrance that is reminiscent of a crisp winter day.

Keep Colds at Bay with Fire Cider

This pungent, spicy, and sweet tonic has been around for many years and is a fun project to make on your own. Combining the health benefits of fresh ginger, horseradish, garlic, and a handful of other pantry staples, Fire Cider has a following of devoted fans. This DIY health tonic been touted as something that can help stave off the start of a cold, which is why it’s a perfect winter DIY project.

Start Spring Cleaning Early

There’s no better time to start organizing your home than the end of winter. With chilly weather keeping you inside more than usual, you probably have a good feel for how you can optimize your spaces. For small items that you can tuck away easily, check out this awesome DIY rope basket. And for those larger items that you want to clear out but don’t want to part with, CitiWide Self Storage has the perfect storage solution for your spring and winter cleaning needs.  

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