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40 Things to Store in Your NYC Storage Unit


There are lots of reasons to have a storage unit in NYC — from the practical to the downright outlandish. Here are just a few:

  • Seasonal clothing storage
  • Collection storage, such as stamps, coins, dolls, lunch boxes, thimbles, and vinyl records
  • Wine storage
  • Recreational equipment, including bikes, skis, canoes, camping equipment, and golf clubs
  • Christmas and Hanukkah presents you need to keep hidden
  • Furniture
  • Inherited items, including those in #2, #4, and #6
  • Office equipment
  • Art supplies
  • Items you might need for the zombie apocalypse
  • Paint you’re saving for touch-ups
  • Stuff you had for kid #1 that you can reuse for kid #2
  • All of your worldly possessions so you can travel the world
  • Books you’re not ready to part with
  • Games, jigsaw puzzles, and toys
  • Seasonal holiday items including outdoor illuminated plastic snowmen and pumpkins
  • Pet supplies you don’t need every day, like pet carriers and crates.
  • Home goods you use seasonally, like big blankets, crockpots, and umbrellas
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Excess inventory from your business
  • Bulk items that you got a great deal on
  • Seasonal yard and garden items such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, and trimmers.
  • Office files you no longer refer to but are required to keep for several years
  • Party supplies
  • Electronic equipment
  • Musical instruments and equipment
  • Arts and crafts equipment
  • Yarn, embroidery thread, and sewing supplies
  • Family photos that still need to be organized
  • Your trophy collection
  • Your kid’s trophy collection
  • Exercise equipment, such as weight machines, nordic tracks, and stationary bikes
  • Dad’s hunting knife and mount collection
  • Mom’s Longaberger baskets and Amish quilts
  • Your stuff while you’re on summer break from college
  • Your stuff while you’re heading out on a deployment with the military
  • Your stuff while you’re volunteering overseas for a humanitarian organization
  • Your stuff while you’re renovating your house
  • Your stuff while you’re in between homes
  • Your stuff while you take a semester abroad

Obviously there are a lot more things you can store in your storage unit, and even more if you have a climate controlled storage unit with easy access for bulky items. There are also a few things that you should avoid storing in your storage unit. These include: perishable items, anything that breathes or photosynthesizes, hazardous materials or waste, and illegal contraband.

What do you store in your storage unit?

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