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4 Tips on How to Keep Holiday Decorating Fresh Every Year


With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to deck the halls, light the candles, start the baking, and all the other fun-filled traditions you love. Speaking of decking the halls, no holiday is complete without your seasonal pieces of flair. But how do you keep things looking fresh year after year? Not to worry! Your friends at CitiWide have a few tips on how you can celebrate the holidays in new and exciting ways every year.

Get Crafty

Don’t let the word ‘crafty’ discourage you. From simple colored streamers to gingerbread houses, there are plenty of easily handmade decorations you can make to get your home into the seasonal mood. Here’s an article featuring 100 DIY Christmas decorating ideas to help you get started.

Get Thematic

Whether you celebrate the holidays with a star on a tree or eight candles in a menorah, there’s no reason you can’t have a little creative fun. Escape the NYC chill, at least in your home, with an island themed Christmas complete with a mini-tree made out of sand dollars and a tabletop Santa in a Hawaiian shirt. And while, admittedly, there aren’t a lot of island themed Hanukkah decorations around, there are some pretty awesome menorahs to work with. Love music? There’s a menorah for that. Are you a dog lover? Menorah dogs to the rescue! Sports fan? Sports menorah coming right up! So think about what you love and get out there and make the holiday your own.

Keep It Rotating

The best way to keep your holiday decorations fresh is to rotate. Of course you have the mainstays that you use every year, but now changing it up from year to year is easier than ever with brilliant seasonal storage options designed for the ultimate holiday decor organization. Gone are those clear bins with everything just dumped in. Now you can get ornament and figurine storage boxes with side pockets, adjustable dividers, and duffle-bag type straps for easy transportation. You’ll so wish you had these containers when you were a kid.

A Home Between the Holidays

Decking out your home for the holidays can be fun, but what do you do with all these items between the holidays? If you’re in the NYC area, CitiWide Self Storage has you covered. Our month-to-month rentals and variety of unit sizes mean you never pay for more space than you need. We also sell packing and moving supplies that, with a little ingenuity, can help you pull off holiday gift wrapping in a pinch.

For more ideas and tips for the holidays and beyond, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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