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4 Tips for Getting Your Home Winter-Ready


Temperatures are dipping. Are you prepared? Here are four tips to get your home ready for the winter months.

Clean Your Gutters

Chances are autumn has left your gutters a bit of a mess. Once all of the trees around your home have shed their leaves, it’s time to grab a ladder, attach a bucket to it to collect the debris, and hop to it! But before you get ahead of yourself, don’t forget to wear gloves in case you come into contact with sharp metal or sticks. Start where the gutter attaches to the downspout and work your way up, picking out twigs and leaves and dumping them into your bucket as you go. Use a hose to clean out what’s left.

It’s easier to pick out dry leaves than wet ones, so if it’s been raining wait for a few dry days before you clean. If you have power lines near your gutters, don’t hesitate to hire a pro to safely take care of this for you.

Test Your Smoke Detectors

The National Fire Protection Association reports that more house fires happen during the winter than any other season. The reason? You guessed it. Heating, candles, and holiday lights are all contributing factors. That’s why it’s important to make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order. While you’re at it, be sure to test your carbon monoxide detectors as well – carbon monoxide incidents also occur at a higher rate during the colder months. This will take you no time at all and could be a literal lifesaver.

Inspect Your Exterior Wood

Don’t let the wood trim around your doors and windows rot. It’s easy to give this wood the treatment it needs to survive the winter. First, inspect the wood to check for any cracks in the caulk or chips in the paint. If you notice some deterioration, remove the problematic areas with a sharp instrument and reapply fresh paint and caulk. So long as you stay on top of this, it’s easy upkeep to ensure your wood stays rot-free.

Use Your Storage Unit

Your patio furniture may not fare so well in a New York blizzard. Protect your seasonal gear over the winter in your self storage unit. Whether you need a place to store your lawn mower, bikes, or tools, you’ll know your things are clear of the harsher winter months when you keep them in storage.

We hope this helps get you started on preparing your home for the winter. Looking to rent a storage unit? Contact the professionals at CitiWide Self Storage. For tips and tricks on self storage and more, visit the CitiWide Self Storage blog.

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