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4 Reasons Why You Should Transfer Your In-Home Hobby to a Self Storage Unit


From challenging day hikes to quiet afternoon quilting sessions, everyone has a hobby. Some hobbies, like cooking, are an extension of your daily routine. Other hobbies, like skiing or snowboarding, require quite a bit of gear. And gear takes up space. Before you know it, your home has become nothing more than a storage unit for your hobbies. A great solution to this problem? Get an actual self storage unit for your hobbies.

Here are four reasons why a self storage unit may be the perfect home away from home for you and your favorite pastime projects.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

As we said above, hobbies can take up a lot of space. If you're not careful, your entire home could morph into a makeshift gallery dedicated to your ever-expanding collection of water paintings. Of course, you could decide to get a larger home, but when you consider storage unit prices versus moving into a larger space, a self storage unit is a fiscally reasonable alternative that doesn't require you to sacrifice your home for your hobby.

Two Birds, One Unit

In addition to being an ideal hobby space, your storage unit is also a storage unit. So along with your hobby equipment, you can eliminate in-home clutter and keep what's important, but you don't require to be on hand.

Make It a Workspace

Can you work in a storage unit? Absolutely. With more and more people using self storage for more than just boxes and furniture, many facilities, including CitiWide Self Storage, have customized units to meet their clients' needs. Offering modern extras like electrical outlets, CitiWide allows you to turn your storage unit into a workspace for everything from 3D printers to sewing machines. Just add some shelving for equipment, a bit of standard office furniture, and you're all set!

Room to Grow

Whatever your part-time passion happens to be, chances are you're not stopping any time soon. Keeping your belongings at a storage facility allows you to upgrade your unit size in tandem with your growing hobby. And if you decide to sell off some of your creations, you can always downgrade to a smaller unit.

Make CitiWide Home For What You Love

Are you looking for storage space for your hobby equipment? CitiWide Self Storage has standard and custom units in a variety of sizes, so you can find the space to suit your specific needs. In addition, month-to-month lease terms and move-in specials make CitiWide an ideal location for your short- or long-term storage needs. We even have custom-built units available. So if you're in the Long Island City, New York, area and looking for a self storage facility, CitiWide has you covered.

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