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3 Tips for Storing Temperature-Sensitive Items

A pharmaceutical sales rep’s worst nightmare? Boxes and boxes of products and pamphlets piling up in their garage. An art collector’s? Their most valuable items getting ruined by changes in temperature or humidity. For some of us, reliable storage is a crucial part of our jobs or lives. With furniture, business files, and other sensitive items, storing them in the right way is a major factor for their preservation. Here are some tips for taking care of your belongings in the best way. 

1. Find a Self Storage Unit that Works for You

Renting a self storage unit means extra space in your garage, home, or office. Citiwide Self Storage offers traditional storage units for you to find exactly the space you need. We offer small, medium, and large sizes so you are sure to find a unit ideal for your needs, your belongings, and your budget!

2. Cover Everything

Whether you are storing your grandma’s porcelain tea set, paintings, or a vinyl record collection, you should always cover them to protect from dust. But before you do so, it’s essential to choose the right layer. For example, when you’re dealing with wooden furniture, avoid using bubble wrap or plastic stretch film before wrapping them in blankets. Wood is an organic material, meaning it needs to breathe. After a layer of blankets, you can wrap the furniture with bubble wrap or other plastic for that extra layer protection. Covering items helps you avoid using cleaning products, which can actually end up damaging your items if you use the wrong type. Have some items you forgot to cover before storing? Make sure to use a brush with soft bristles to remove any dust or buildup.

3. Create Air Flow

Many of the temperature-sensitive items you’re looking to store would benefit from added air circulation. Consider placing items like vintage quilts, upholstered furniture, or pieces of art a few inches off the ground to increase airflow around your items. Even if you cover or wrap the items you’re storing in a breathable material, elevating them allows air to reach underneath the pieces and better circulate throughout your storage unit. Wood pallets are a great, affordable option to help you do this. Ask your local grocery store if they have any spare pallets you might be able to grab for free.

Want to know more about self storage units? Contact our friendly and professional team and let them assist you in your storing research. At Citiwide Self Storage, what is important to you, is important to us.

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